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Annual Contribution

Minimum annual contributions by partners are as listed below, according to region or country of residence.

Country/Region                                              Amount
Nigeria                                                      US$50
Western Europe                                               US$150
North America(USA & Canada)                                US$150
South East Asia                                              US$100
Australia/New Zealand                                      US$150
Africa (Excluding Nigeria)                              US$70
Other Countries                                              US$70

Associate partners pay 50 % of the minimum applicable to the region or country of their residences

Contributions are collected through the regional Coordinators. The e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the Coordinators are as listed below:

North America  : Dr. Gbolarumi Adebayo, USA.
                 Tel   : +1 812-376-3899                           
Europe         : Dr. Semiu A. Gbadebo, United Kingdom.
                 Tel   :  +44(0)152 254 6520 /
                           +44(0)789 901 3558 
South East Asia : Dr. Luqman Zakariyah
                 Tel   : +601126993068
Nigeria        : Alhaji Ismail  Tiamiyu, Nigeria 
                 Tel   : +234 1 2600520 - 9 & 263 1060
Middle East    : Dr. AbdulHameed Babalola, Saudi Arabia. 
                 Tel   : +966508535856