MSFN Scholarship


Rules for MSFN Scholarship

  1. The scholarship is solely for financially handicapped Muslim students in Nigeria.

Scheme Coverage

The target group, are the students from the following states of Nigeria: KWARA, KOGI, LAGOS, OGUN, OYO, OSUN, ONDO, EDO, and EKITI. When fully operational, it is expected that the scheme will cover all Muslims in the whole of Nigeria.


  1. Must be a Nigerian Muslim
  2. Must be registered in (or have received admission to) a tertiary institution or senior secondary school for which he/she is seeking an MSFN scholarship
  3. Must be ready to participate actively in volunteer efforts beneficial to the Muslim community, such as teaching young people in coaching classes, helping the elderly, active participation in MSS activities etc. A Muslim leader in the community or school shall attest to these volunteer activities


Scholarship Values

  1. N120,000 per year for undergraduates in tertiary institutions
  2. N40,000 per year for senior secondary school students

The above amounts may be reviewed annually, depending on the economic situation in Nigeria